Interior Painting

At Chris Landscaping LLC, we do not limit ourselves to anything. We also offer interior, residential and commercial painting services.

We are a local and reliable company if you want to obtain professional painters and at a reasonable price, you can contact us. From the painting of walls, ceilings, repair and painting on drywall, and much more.

Interior painting of houses, apartments, condominiums, offices, businesses, etc. We deliver the best results ensuring the complete satisfaction of each client.



Providing finishing services in Stafford, VA, and neighboring cities, our finishing experts will arrive just in time to your home or business and offer quality workmanship at a competitive price. If you need protection coatings or exceptional and durable finishes, do not hesitate to call us to offer you an estimate completely free.

Ceiling Paint

If you still do not decide on the color, we advise you, over time the color of the ceiling can be damaged for several reasons, including humidity, smoke, dirt among other things. Once you see it, you can not ignore it. When painting the ceiling, everything will look fresh and new, and best of all is that if you hire experts you do not have to worry about any possible fall because you will have to resort to stairs, or for cleaning, at the end of every day we leave the space where we worked.

Trim Painting

Are you looking for the best trimming services? We pay attention to the detail, we will visit it and we will give you a free quote. We will be happy to work with you! Perfect walls with an impeccable cut. A painting job will greatly improve the appearance of your property and increase the market value of your property.


Baseboard Painting

If you are contemplating an improvement for your home, the baseboard paint is an excellent option for the interior of your property to look renewed. It is common for the basement to have accumulated dust, so we make sure it is completely clean before applying the paint.


Door Painting

Increase the attractiveness of your home or business by painting from the front door - leaving it with an impeccable finish, without marks of brush and roller, remember that upon arrival at your residence or establishment the setting is the first you will see.


Drywall Repair

The team of Chris Landscaping LLC is professionally trained to repair or paint over any plaster wall.